Kangaroo Dental Chews For Dogs

Rayne Rewards Kangaroo Dental Chews contain a single novel protein source for use in otherwise healthy, stable food allergic dogs.

The inclusion of sodium hexametaphosphate along with the mechanical action of chewing helps to reduce tartar and promote oral health in canine patients.

Both the small dog and large dog products contain 28 chews per bag.

The large dog chews measure approximately 4" x 1", while the small dog chews measure approximately 3.5" x 0.75".

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  • Dried banana, potato flour, tapioca starch, vegetable glycerine, dried kangaroo, natural flavoring, sodium hexametaphosphate, smoke flavor, citric acid, parsley flakes, buffered vinegar.
    1. Single, novel protein source (kangaroo)
    2. Contains sodium hexametaphosphate for tartar control
    3. Unique texture and shape promote chewing
    1. Safe and effective compliance aid for otherwise healthy, stable food allergic patients
    2. Aid in maintenance of oral health