Diet Transition Guide

A Little Patience Can Go a Long Way When It Comes to Helping Your Pet with Their Diet Transition.

Days 1-3.

75% old | 25% Rayne

Begin your pet’s diet transition with as little as 1/4 of their new Rayne diet to 3/4 of their current food. Maintain this for three days.

Days 4-6.

50% old | 50% Rayne

On day four, if they have accepted this well and there is no digestive upset, increase this amount to 1/2 Rayne and 1/2 their current food.

Continue this 50/50 combination for another three days.

Days 7-9.

25% old  |  75% Rayne

­If this continues to go well, adjust again to 3/4 Rayne and 1/4 their current food. 

Day 10.

-- | 100% Rayne!

On day ten, if your pet is still doing well, it is finally time to remove their old food completely and to exclusively feed them their new Rayne diet.

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